Doodle Monsters

Create creepy designs or write notes on plush doodle monster Sketch, Inkee, and D-Zine

Doodle MonstersDoodle Monster combines the activity of drawing with a soft, fun monster. Draw and create creepy doodles or write messages then wash and start over. Helpful hints poster provides design ideas. Create scary designs or write notes on plush monster. Doodle Monster Sketch comes with two scented, washable markers to personalize. Kids are entertained for hours with their fun monster they can draw on because it is washable. Three styles of monsters with different personalities.

The idea of a plush monster that you can draw on with washable markers hits multiple points of fun and learning for children. Not only does it serve as a cuddly companion, but it also acts as a canvas for artistic expression. This allows kids to personalize their toy, making it uniquely theirs. The washable markers ensure that the art can be temporary, inviting endless cycles of creation and recreation. It's a wonderful blend of traditional and creative play, encouraging both fine motor skills and imaginative storytelling. The 'monster' theme adds a whimsical twist, sparking conversations about emotions, characters, and maybe even overcoming fears. All in all, it's a multifaceted toy that engages children on several levels.