Puppy Surprise

Plush pink or black and white spotted, tan or butter mix, and pink or lavender poodle and pups

Puppy SurpriseHelp the plush mommy dog take care of her sweet little puppies. The number of puppies that she will have is a surprise. You won't know until you bring this family of plush dogs into your own loving home. Each stuffed animal puppy has pink or blue ears to indicate if it is a boy or a girl, and their patch design is identical to the sparkle in mommy dog's eye. Toy mommy dog comes with puppies, collar, and brush.

Young children often have a special affinity for stuffed animals, and puppies are among the most beloved. The soft texture, friendly appearance, and comforting presence of a stuffed puppy can provide a sense of security and companionship for a child. Whether used for imaginative play, as a bedtime buddy, or simply as a cuddly friend, stuffed puppies often become cherished possessions. Their resemblance to real puppies taps into children's natural affection for animals, fostering empathy and nurturing instincts. For many children, a stuffed puppy is more than just a toy; it's a loyal friend that accompanies them through the ups and downs of childhood.