Tyco RC Stunsters

StunstersSuper-small, super-cool RC stunt vehicles. Miniature versions of the best selling Tyco RC classics Rebound, Tantrum and Hot Rocker. They perform awesome stunts like the originals but in a smaller size. Vehicles are each sold separately and take approximately 3 minutes to quick-charge for a 5-minute run time.

Micro stunt diecast vehicles bring an exhilarating dose of excitement and precision to the world of miniature vehicles. These tiny, expertly crafted cars, motorcycles, or trucks are designed for high-speed action and daring stunts. Their small size makes them perfect for racing on tracks or performing gravity-defying jumps and flips. Whether it's navigating a loop-the-loop, executing a perfect drift, or launching off a ramp, the thrill of controlling these micro machines and witnessing their incredible feats is both captivating and infectious. As enthusiasts master their skills and design increasingly elaborate stunt courses, the world of micro stunt diecast vehicles opens up a realm of endless entertainment, unleashing the adrenaline rush of high-stakes racing and gravity-defying stunts in a compact, pocket-sized package.