Super Mario Sunshine Nintendo GameCube

Great new Mario game for Gamecube

Super Mario Sunshine Nintendo GameCubeSomeone is mucking with Mario's vacation. All he wanted was a relaxing holiday, but Mario's in store for his biggest adventure ever in Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo GameCube. An imposter has turned the tropical paradise into a polluted mess, and it's up to Mario to save the day. It won't be easy, but Mario has a wide variety of new moves to make things easier.N o one messes with Mario's vacation! Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube is Mario's biggest, most amazing adventure ever. When Mario, Peach, and an entourage of Peach's loyal Toad friends set out for a tropical vacation on lovely Dolphin Island, they're in store for much more than a relaxing holiday. A mustachioed maniac has mucked up the entire island, and Mario is accused of committing the crime. Armed with a high-tech water cannon called FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device), Mario sets out to clean the island, clear his name, and solve the mystery of the villainous vandal. Super Mario Sunshine sparkles with the same spot-on play control that's made Mario the main man in the vid biz for so many years. Mario has a gang of moves at his disposal, from his trusty jumping maneuvers to all-new FLUDD techniques. Mario can use FLUDD to clean up sludge pools, attack enemies, hover through the air, and more. Special nozzle attachments scattered throughout the island provide even more ways for FLUDD to come in handy. Like in Super Mario 64, Mario has many things to accomplish in each area of Dolphin Island. Every time Mario completes a task, he is rewarded with a Shine Sprite. Mario's missions include battling giant Piranha Plants, navigating treacherous platform challenges, solving mysteries, and collecting Blue Coins. As Mario collects Shine Sprites, new areas of Isle Delfino are unlocked. This is Mario's biggest challenge ever! Luckily, Mario isn't alone. Princess Peach and her entourage of Toads aren't much help, but the island's natural population of Yoshis sure are! Mario can ride multicolored Yoshis throughout the island, using their tongue-slurping strength to accomplish various tasks. Other familiar characters make cameos throughout the game, along with a wide variety of all-new characters. Powered by Nintendo GameCube, Super Mario Sunshine is a must-play. Classic Mario action, exciting new moves, and surprises galore will keep you clutching your controller for months to come.

Super Mario Sunshine is a beloved video game released by Nintendo for the GameCube console in 2002. This delightful installment in the Super Mario series whisks players away to the tropical paradise of Isle Delfino, where Mario, equipped with his trusty F.L.U.D.D. water-spraying device, must clean up the island's pollution and save Princess Peach from a mysterious imposter. The game is celebrated for its vibrant and sunny world, offering players a refreshing change of scenery from the typical Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario Sunshine introduces inventive gameplay mechanics, including platforming challenges centered around F.L.U.D.D.'s water-based abilities, like hover and rocket nozzles, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Its cheerful atmosphere, charming characters, and imaginative level design make Super Mario Sunshine a cherished classic among fans of the franchise.