Super Slicks Mini RC

Radio Control Fast Lane Super Slicks Dodge Viper SRT-10

Super Slicks Mini RCThe Super Fast, Super Detailed SuperSlicks cars from Fast Lane represent the next generation in small scale Radio Control action. The 1:43 scale design allows for exact scale models of real street cars, which means no unrealistic changes to the body design to make the car fit the chassis. SuperSlicks are exact replicas of real street cars. They're customizable and tunable too; allowing you to upgrade the motors, gears and tires. You can even change the body and hubcaps to create a whole new car if you want. In addition to their realistic design, SuperSlicks are super fast too; just like the street cars they're based on. SuperSlicks are powered by second-generation larger sized motors that deliver more power and speed where it counts. The Factory Race Kit comes with all you need to get started; from there its up to you on how you want to customize and tune your SuperSlicks car. The possibilities are endless.

Car replicas at a 1:43 scale are popular among collectors and enthusiasts. This scale is a common choice for die-cast model cars, offering a good balance between size and detail. The 1:43 scale allows for a high level of intricacy in replicating the real vehicles, from the exterior design to the interior features. Collectors appreciate the compact size, making it easier to display a diverse collection without requiring a significant amount of space. Additionally, these models often come with intricate details like opening doors, realistic paint finishes, and accurate decals, adding to their appeal. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a collector, 1:43 scale car replicas offer a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of automobiles on a smaller scale.