Super Soaker Water Gun

EES Turbine Super Soaker

Super Soaker Water GunYes, it shoots water and is meant to be an accessory to a good-natured summertime water fight. But to call the Super Soaker EES Turbine a squirt gun would be like lumping the Model T and a modern sports car together: same basic idea, dramatically different execution. The EES Turbine can be pumped between 10 and 18 times for standard distance (good for regular backyard fights) or up to 30 times for maximum range (just the right thing for sneak attacks). The tip can be set to pulse or stream depending on your battlefield methodology. Three AA batteries are not included but are used purely to power the spinning lights and futuristic ray gun sounds that are activated by the gun's trigger.

The evolution of water guns has been a fascinating journey from simple squirt guns to high-tech, super soaker-style blasters. It all began with basic bulb-style squirt guns, which allowed kids to spray a small stream of water. Over time, these toys became more sophisticated, introducing larger reservoirs for water storage and longer ranges. The '90s brought about a revolution with the introduction of Super Soakers, capable of shooting powerful streams of water over impressive distances. They became a summertime staple, loved by kids and adults alike. Today, water guns continue to evolve with battery-powered, motorized versions that can shoot continuous streams of water. These toys provide not only fun but also opportunities for outdoor play, promoting physical activity and imaginative games during hot summer days. The journey from simple squirt guns to high-performance water blasters has made water gun battles a timeless and enjoyable pastime for generations.