RC radio control vehicle with folding arms and rugged tread design for climbing obstacles including stairs

TarantulaThe lastest in go-anywhere RC vehicles - it doesn't just drive, it climbs. With it's foldable arms and unique tread design, Tarantula will go anywhere in your house or backyard, including up the stairs. This innovative full-function RC takes radio control where it has never gone before.

Tarantulas are fascinating creatures that captivate the interest of many due to their unique characteristics and behaviors. These large, hairy spiders possess a certain mystique with their imposing appearance and reputation. Despite their intimidating size, many tarantulas are docile and make popular pets for arachnid enthusiasts. Their intricate silk-spinning abilities create intricate web structures, and their hunting strategies, such as ambush predation, are both intriguing and effective. The variety of tarantula species worldwide offers a glimpse into the diversity of life on our planet, showcasing adaptations to various environments. Additionally, their molting process, where they shed their exoskeleton to grow, is a remarkable natural phenomenon to observe. Whether appreciated for their ecological role or kept as pets, tarantulas continue to pique curiosity and fascination in people around the world.