Terrain Twister

Tyco RC vehicle with corkscrew treads and pivoting pontoons treks through grass, dirt, sand, water, and snow

Terrain TwisterThis awesome vehicle features Power Scew Technology. Go through all terrains from dirt to sand over grass shreds through snow and water too. And spins into any direction. In all seasons, Tyco RC's newest radio control vehicle can tackle any terrain. Featuring sleek pivoting pontoons with unique corkscrew treads, the Terrain Twister vehicle makes its way over almost any surface. Grass, sand, pavement, water and even snow can't stop Terrain Twister, so whether kids are at the beach or in a snowy backyard, the fun never stops. The Terrain Twister vehicle's special corkscrew design allows it to churn straight through even the toughest terrains while also allowing it to glide quickly sideways across most surfaces. In addition, the Terrain Twister is water tight for aquatic driving. The transmitter has been designed for easy maneuvering in all directions.

All-terrain R/C (Remote Control) vehicles are an exhilarating way to explore the outdoors and satisfy the inner adventurer in both kids and adults. These rugged machines are designed to tackle a variety of terrains, from rocky trails to muddy paths, sandy beaches, or even snow-covered landscapes. Their powerful motors, sturdy tires, and advanced suspension systems provide exceptional stability and control, making them capable of conquering challenging environments. The thrill of maneuvering these vehicles over rough terrain or through obstacles, performing daring tricks, and racing with friends amplifies the enjoyment. Additionally, the remote control aspect allows for skill development and fosters a sense of excitement as you navigate your R/C vehicle through diverse landscapes, making it a perfect pastime for those who crave outdoor adventure and hands-on fun.