Tickle Me Elmo Surprise

Tickle Me Elmo is back and he's more ticklish than ever!

Tickle Me Elmo SurpriseTickle Me Elmo is back and he's more ticklish than ever! Now he has five tickle places, but only one makes him shake and roar with hysterical laughter! Do you think you can find it? Start tickling-it's in a different place each time! Tickle Me Elmo Surprise requires three AA and three button cell batteries which are all included. Don't be surprised if Tickle Me Elmo Surprise is another runaway hit like the original Tickle Me Elmo. This fifth anniversary edition of the popular fuzzy red fellow has five ticklish spots: his feet, his tummy, and under both arms. Twelve-inch-tall Elmo has a variety of giggling responses and a most ticklish spot, with the locations of the responses changing with repeated play. He says, Elmo loves being tickled, Elmo's not ticklish there, That tickles a little, and similar statements, all punctuated with lots of laughter and playful wiggles.

The Tickle Me Elmo craze, which reached its peak during the 1996 holiday season, serves as one of the most iconic instances of a toy turning into a cultural phenomenon. The simple plush toy, modeled after the beloved Sesame Street character Elmo, had the ability to laugh and shake when tickled. Though seemingly straightforward, the toy struck a chord with consumers, leading to an unprecedented demand. Stores sold out almost immediately upon restocking, and the dolls were resold at exorbitant prices on the secondary market. The frenzy even led to incidents of store fights and injuries as parents desperately tried to get their hands on one for their children. This run on Tickle Me Elmo wasn't just about the toy itself but was fueled by a combination of smart marketing, limited supply, and the toy's connection to a well-loved children's show, creating a perfect storm of consumer desire.