Toddler Splash Pool

Dolphin Play Center Pool

Toddler Splash PoolIncludes water slide, wading pool, twin dolphins and ball water sprayer, rainbow shade arch, six balls, hoop and dolphin ring toss with three inflatable rings and three dolphin toys. Water sprayer attaches to garden hose. Rainbow arch and dolphin water sprayer are removable. Includes drain plugs. Repair patch included.

Little splash pools offer a world of joy and learning for toddlers. The sensory experience of water splashing, flowing, and rippling engages their curiosity and helps develop their understanding of basic physics and cause-and-effect relationships. These mini aquatic playgrounds provide a controlled environment for toddlers to explore water safely, enhancing their motor skills as they scoop, pour, and paddle. The pools also offer socialization opportunities, whether it's sharing toys, taking turns under a fountain, or simply splashing around with peers or family members. Moreover, the sheer fun of being in water often serves as an excellent mood booster, creating a joyful and memorable experience. Importantly, splash pools also offer parents an opportunity to teach basic water safety to their little ones. In a nutshell, little splash pools are an endless source of fun, learning, and sensory stimulation for toddlers.