Tonka Power Grid

Workshop on Wheels.

Tonka Power GridConnect Connect the Power Grid motor cables. Tool up. Choose your tools and connect the motor packs. Power up. Push the shifters to power up multiple tools. Comes with Tonka figure, 3 power cable cords, working crane, welder saw, jackhammer, exhaust fan and warning beacon. Includes 2 D batteries. Get powered up with this heavy-duty power rig. This 16-inch-long, sturdy yellow truck has power ports that provide the juice for seven different tools. Three battery packs plug into the power ports to power a jackhammer, a crane, a rotary saw, a welding station, a pipe cutter, a fan, and a safety flasher. The body of the truck opens up into a big workstation, and each station has a power port. Make the gears grind, the crane hook raise and lower, and connect the rotary blade tool to the pipe-cutting tool. Battery packs can be connected so that all the tools can run at the same time. A burly worker figure sits in most of the tools and in the cab, which opens up. The manufacturer recommends this toy for kids 4 years and older. We feel that children under 8 will need some initial parental guidance in understanding how the power packs work, and the truck is quite heavy. However, once they get the hang of it, this could become a favorite amongst truck lovers.

Motorized Tonka toys elevate the fun of traditional toy trucks by adding an exciting layer of realism and interactive play. With the push of a button or the flick of a switch, these trucks come to life, rumbling forward, backing up, or performing functions like lifting and dumping. This real-world mimicry allows children to feel like they're operating actual construction or service vehicles, enhancing their imaginative play scenarios. Whether it's a dump truck that actually unloads or a fire truck with a motorized ladder, the added motion and functionality can make playtime more engaging. Plus, motorized features often captivate children, helping to develop their understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, fine motor skills, and even basic mechanical principles. These toys can also facilitate cooperative play, as children work together to build imaginary construction sites or enact daring rescue missions, providing ample opportunities for social and emotional development.