Totally Me Artist Portfolio Art Kit

Totally Me Artist's Portfolio

Totally Me Artist Portfolio Art KitA great kit for your young artist. Includes a wide range of the materials needed to be creative in the visual arts. Your child will never lose interest with this 215 piece artist portfolio, complete with an easel for creative coloring. Easy to travel with and keeps everything organized. Contents include: Easel, Easel clip, paper, 72 crayons, 30 fineline markers, 24 watercolors, 24 pastels, 48 colored pencils, 10 jumbo markers, 3 paint brushes, pencil and pencil sharpener.

Providing artistically inclined children with a wide range of art supplies like paper, crayons, markers, watercolors, pastels, pencils, and brushes is incredibly beneficial for their overall development. These materials serve as tools that allow children to express themselves, refine their motor skills, and explore various artistic techniques. Having access to a diverse set of art supplies encourages creativity, fosters a sense of independence, and allows for exploration of different mediums, helping children to discover what they enjoy most. Artistic activities can also be therapeutic, providing a healthy outlet for emotions and stress. Moreover, a well-stocked art supply can support academic learning by enhancing focus, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. All of these benefits contribute to a well-rounded upbringing, nurturing not just artistic talent but also emotional well-being and cognitive growth.