Touch Screen Chess

Touch Chess by Excalibur Electronics

Touch Screen ChessThe power of a multi-functional chess computer combined with the efficiency and ease of touch screen electronics. Excalibur brings it to you with the new Touch Chess. Packed in an elegant and functional housing with an oversize touch screen, Touch Chess is powerful chess play and fun to use.

Electronic chess boards have come a long way since their introduction in the late 20th century. Initially, these boards were relatively simple, offering basic functionalities like move validation and recording. Over time, they've incorporated increasingly advanced features, fueled by rapid developments in technology. Many modern electronic chess boards now come with touchscreen capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and even the ability to connect to the internet for remote play or to download updates. Advanced sensor technology allows for seamless move detection, and some boards have LED indicators to suggest possible moves. Chess engines have also improved dramatically, offering multiple levels of difficulty and the ability to analyze games in real-time. With integrated storage, players can save game states and revisit them later. Some boards even offer compatibility with chess software, allowing users to engage with expansive libraries of historical games and tutorials. Overall, electronic chess boards have evolved to offer a rich, interactive experience that blends the tactile pleasure of physical chess with the analytical power of digital technology.