Toy Drum

Little RhythmMaker Toy Drum

Toy DrumWe got the beat! Little drummer girls and boys of all musical abilities will want to thump on this dandy Little RhythmMaker Drum. Colorful dent- and chew-resistant plastic forms its 8-inch wide cylinder. The two sturdy mallets included won't get lost; they're smartly attached to the drum with medium-weight braided cord. The lack of a neck strap means your budding Ringo will be a stationary musician on this instrument. Spice up the playbill by adding the Little RhythmMaker Rhythm Set.

Drums hold a special appeal for children due to their tactile nature, simplicity, and instant gratification. Striking a drum surface produces immediate sound, offering a direct correlation between action and outcome, which is deeply satisfying for young minds. Unlike many other instruments that require a learning curve to produce a pleasing sound, drums are instantly accessible. They also cater to children's natural propensity to explore the world through touch and movement. Drumming can serve as a fundamental way to understand rhythm and tempo, foundational elements in music education. Additionally, drumming can aid in the development of motor skills, coordination, and timing. Many children find it exhilarating to be able to produce loud, resonant sounds, and this can also serve as an emotional outlet, helping children express feelings they might not yet be able to articulate. Overall, drums offer a captivating blend of sensory engagement, emotional expression, and educational potential.