Transformers Armada

Transformers: Armada Gigacon Megatron with Mobile Artillery Truck.

Transformers ArmadaA heavily armed tank that transforms into a heavily armed robot, the Megatron is a lean, green war machine in either mode. Ten inches long, the tank features a spring-loaded main gun--just push the barrel for flashing lights and firing noises. Fearsome jaws project from the front, the gun turret swivels, and there's a rotating missile launcher too. Now unfold those rear tracks, flip the turret, do some more twisting and unclipping according to the instructions, and the tank turns into the Megatron robot, bristling with firepower. There's a baby Leader-1 Mini-Con figure too, which acts as a rocket launcher, a mini-robot, and the key with which most of the tank and Megatron's features can be accessed. The little sidekick even becomes a handgun on steroids, when attached to Megatron's arm.

The Transformers toy line has witnessed continuous evolution in design, complexity, and engineering. What began with relatively simple transformations in the 1980s has matured into intricate models that cater to both young fans and adult collectors. Masterpiece and third-party iterations pay homage to the original designs while integrating modern articulation and detailing. Innovations have kept the toy line fresh, with introductions like combiners (individual robots combining into a larger one) and headmasters (smaller robots converting into the head of a larger robot).