Bumblebee Blaster

Transformers Movie 2 robot plasma cannon

Bumblebee BlasterPut on the powerful plasma cannon of Bumblebee and blast the Decepticons into submission. Plasma cannon features music, lights and plasma blast sounds and even converts to robot fist mode so you can defend your Autobot buddies. Features weapon charge-up sounds as well as battle smashing and conversion sounds in robot fist mode.

Beyond toys, the Transformers universe quickly expanded into various forms of media. The original 1980s animated series laid down much of the franchise's foundational lore and was complemented by comic books produced by Marvel. Over the years, the brand saw numerous reinterpretations across TV series, comics, movies, and video games. The Michael Bay-directed film series, beginning in 2007, reinvigorated the brand's popularity, introducing "Transformers" to a new generation with a blend of live-action and groundbreaking visual effects.