Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition

Great version of trivial persuit.

Trivial Pursuit Millennium EditionFor the true Trivial Pursuit connoisseur! This fantastic version of the tremendously popular original celebrates the facts and follies of the past 1,000 years. Moving around a circular track, players collect wedges for correct answers to questions such as: What island do most of the North Atlantic icebergs come from? What South African described meeting the Spice Girls as one of the greatest moments of my life? How many men have walked on the moon? The remaining 3,597 questions (including those on 105 full-color photo cards) are housed in a collectible wedge-shaped tin package (10 inches by 13 inches)--along with the folding game board (18.5 inches in diameter), die, colorful transparent card holder, scoring wedges, and wedge holder. Players make their way to the hub through six categories of queries in hopes of answering the game-winning question. Don't wait till the next millennium for fun like this! For two to six players or teams.

Trivial Pursuit, first introduced in 1979, achieved unprecedented success that turned it into a cultural phenomenon. Its ingenious combination of general knowledge questions spread across various categories appealed to a broad audience, fostering social interaction and a competitive spirit. Unlike traditional board games that often relied on luck, Trivial Pursuit required a combination of knowledge, memory, and strategy, giving players a sense of intellectual accomplishment when they succeeded. The game's versatility—offering editions tailored to specific themes, age groups, and interests—has helped sustain its popularity over the decades. Moreover, the game's integration into digital platforms and collaborations with pop culture franchises have kept it relevant. Its wild success can be attributed to its capacity to entertain while also stimulating the mind, and its adaptability to the changing tastes and technologies of society.