TV-Activated Batmobile

Batman vehicle receives real-time signals from the animated television show via Batwave interactive technology

TV-Activated BatmobileThe ultimate electronic Batmobile uses revolutionary new Batwave technology to interact with The Batman animated series. A detachable handheld Batlink receives real-time signals from the television show. When the Batlink is attached to the Batmobile, the vehicle reacts to action on the television screen with transformations, lights, and sounds. The Batmobile has a speaker and holds one figure. With the removable Batlink, kids can hear secret messages from Batman and download villains, weapons and upgraded Batmobile features from the TV. Later, those can be used in customizable adventures, Batman missions, and much more. Includes vehicle, Batlink and an earpiece.

The Batmobile is one of the most recognizable and iconic vehicles in the world of comic books and entertainment. Originating from the Batman series, the Batmobile has been depicted in various forms and functionalities throughout the years, reflecting the Dark Knight's technological prowess and mysterious persona. Whether in comic books, television shows, or blockbuster movies, the Batmobile's sleek design, advanced weaponry, and state-of-the-art gadgets have captured the imagination of fans of all ages. Its ability to transform, adapt to different terrains, and assist Batman in his never-ending fight against crime has solidified the Batmobile's status as a symbol of innovation and heroism.