Twister Moves

Dance mat music game where you follow steps to compete with up to three other players

Twister MovesPop any one of the three music CDs into your own CD player. Listen to the commands of the jamming DJs and see if you can keep up by twisting, dancing, jumping, and turning. 144 electrifying dance sessions will keep you moving and grooving for hours and hours. Includes 3 CDs and 4 mats. Includes exclusive Nick Cannon or Aaron Carter single music. Twister Moves is for 1-4 players.

Since its inception, the game of Twister has spawned a variety of offshoots and adaptations that seek to capture the same fun and spontaneity of the original game. Some versions introduce electronic components, like 'Twister Dance,' which plays music and uses LED lights to show players where to move. 'Twister Hoopla' is another variant where players hold shaped rings and have to connect them in different ways, per the spinner's instructions. The 'Twister Moves' edition combines the classic game with exercise, encouraging players to perform various physical activities while maintaining their positions on the mat. There are also themed editions, like 'Star Wars Twister' or 'Hello Kitty Twister,' that integrate elements from popular franchises. These adaptations continue to uphold the essence of the original Twister game while adding unique twists to engage new generations of players.