Tyco RC Stuntsters

Small RC stunt vehicles

Tyco RC StuntstersSuper-small, super-cool R/C stunt vehicles! Miniature versions of best-selling Tyco RC classics: Rebound, Tantrum and Hot Rocker. They perform awesome stunts just like the originals in a smaller size; from rolls to jumps to 360 degree cyclone steering. Vehicles are each sold separately. They take approximately 3 minutes to charge and run for 5 minutes per charge. The transmitter and the charger stack together to form a cool display base. Ages 6 and over.

Miniature R/C stunt vehicles offer an adrenaline-pumping experience packed into a small size, making them an incredibly fun and versatile toy. These tiny remote-controlled marvels can perform jaw-dropping tricks, like spins, flips, and jumps, much like their full-sized counterparts. The compact form factor makes it convenient to use both indoors and outdoors, turning any space into a makeshift stunt arena. Many come with specialized wheels and flexible chassis designs, allowing them to recover from tumbles and continue their gravity-defying acts. The remote control often includes multiple functions for various tricks, giving kids the opportunity to master different stunt combinations and even choreograph their own sequences. These features collectively provide endless hours of entertainment and skill development, making miniature R/C stunt vehicles a hit among both children and adults.