Uncle Milton Ant Farm

Ant Farm Village by Uncle Milton.

Uncle Milton Ant FarmWatch the world's most industrious engineers build bridges, dig tunnels, and move mountains. This deluxe Ant Farm Village comes with two stackable mini ant farms (both with colorful 3-D scenes) that can connect to the central ant village. Start with any of the three habitats by themselves and then connect the others one at a time with the flexible ant-way travel tubes. The accompanying instruction book offers useful tips for successful ant farming as well as a wealth of information about the insects. All necessary materials to begin an ant farm are included--even a certificate for free ants within the continental U.S. and Canada (consumer must pay only shipping and handling).

Ant Farms: Teaching Responsibility and Appreciation for Living Things

Ant farms are fascinating micro-ecosystems that provide a window into the complex world of ants. When properly cared for, ant farms can be more than just an entertaining hobby; they can be a valuable educational tool that teaches responsibility and appreciation for living things. Here's how:

Ant farms, when the ants are properly cared for, offer a rich and multifaceted learning experience. They instill a sense of responsibility, foster an appreciation for the complexity and beauty of life, and provide a hands-on way to explore scientific and ethical concepts. By nurturing living creatures, children learn valuable lessons that extend beyond the ant farm, shaping their understanding of the world and their place in it.