V-Tech Starter Notebook Computer for Kids

Learning companion with large LCD screen, keybard, and mouse

V-Tech Starter Notebook Computer for KidsPowerful and portable computer styled learning companion with large LCD screen, keybard and mouse. Thirty game style activites build core skills for school success, focusing on: phonics, spelling, vocabulary, vowels, telling time, greater than/less than, similarities/differences, days and months, addition and subtraction. Additional word games and arithmetic problems can be downloaded from a secure VTech website with the optional vPort accessory - sold separately. Includes school tools such as: typing tutor, calculator and organizer. Features creative games such as: music composer, artwork studio and Creation Station, where children make and share their won personal, animated acharacters. Fun two-player games can be played across devises with wireless infrared communication.

Laptop computers designed specifically for children and limited to educational functionality offer a focused and safe environment for learning. Unlike standard laptops, these specialized devices often come pre-loaded with age-appropriate educational software and games that aim to develop various skills such as math, science, and language arts. Internet access is usually restricted to predetermined, child-safe websites, reducing distractions and the risk of exposure to inappropriate content. These laptops often feature a simplified, child-friendly interface, and rugged design to withstand the wear and tear of young hands. By limiting functionality to educational purposes, these laptops minimize distractions and maximize learning, making them an excellent tool for both classroom instruction and at-home education.