Vertigo RC

Radio Controlled Vertigo

Vertigo RCWith hinged scissor-action frame, Vertigo is the ultimate stunt vehicle for incredible flips and rolls. Kids will want to master the Arm-Twister 360 stunt. The Vertigo vehicle also features cool flashing lights for even more action -- day and night. It's the ultimate spin machine. Requires one TMH FlexPak rechargeable battery pack, plus one 9V battery for the transmitter.

Stunt R/C vehicles equipped with extraordinary treads are an adrenaline-pumping experience for both kids and adults. These unique treads enable the vehicles to handle multiple terrains, be it rocky landscapes, sandy surfaces, or muddy paths. This adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability, as the toy can conquer obstacles that standard R/C vehicles can't. The advanced tread design often pairs with powerful motors and responsive controls, offering precision driving and high-speed action. Performing flips, spins, and jumps becomes not just possible, but also remarkably thrilling. Such R/C vehicles allow for creative play, encouraging users to construct challenging terrains and even compete in races or obstacle courses. Overall, they offer a perfect blend of engineering, technology, and entertainment.