Guild Wars Factions

Multiplayer online game with roleplaying and competitive player-versus-player scored challenge strategic missions

Guild Wars Factions will be available in stores worldwide April 28, 2006.

Guild Wars Factions takes place on the Asian-inspired continent of Cantha, where new and existing Guild Wars players join an epic quest. Roleplaying and competitive player-versus-player gamers will be able to join together in guild alliances to take control of territory and determine the fate of Cantha. New scored challenge missions and strategic competitive missions allow players to test their roleplaying prowess. Large-scale alliances struggle to conquer new territory across the continent of Cantha. New elite missions allow skilled players exclusive access to areas designed to be the ultimate cooperative challenge.

"Guild Wars Factions is an exceptional game that invites players to immerse themselves in an epic adventure unlike any they have seen," says Patrick Wyatt of ArenaNet. "The four new mission types create a unique experience that will engage both the roleplaying and competitive gamer in cooperative conquest of territories of the visually stunning, Asian-themed continent of Cantha."

New players will join the more than one million gamers already playing Guild Wars worldwide, and existing players will have a new continent and storyline to explore.

ArenaNet is hosting a massive beta test event in which all existing Guild Wars players and their friends are invited.

Guild Wars Factions

A limited edition pre-order package is currently available at retail stores throughout North America. This pre-order pack includes an access key to the Factions Preview Event on March 24, and also provides access to Guild Wars Factions twenty-four hours before the street date, exclusive in-game items for each of the game's new professions, a friend-key that gives access to the FPE for friends without an existing Guild Wars account, a limited trial of Guild Wars for a friend, a tactical guide, a quick reference card, and a CD that includes concept art, wallpapers, and in-game trailers.

For more information, see the official Guild Wars site.

ArenaNet multiplayer online game network is owned by roleplaying game developer NCsoft.