Play TV Baseball 3

Virtual sports game connects to television

Play TV Baseball 3Sacrifice flies, double plays, sliding, pick offs, it's all in the plug and play TV sports game. Real swing and pitch action get you off the couch and into a real game. Realistic music and commentary. New features in version 3 include stealing and bunting. Real pitch control and feilding abilities. IR bat for precise batting. Plays up to four players.

Baseball video games have been popular for decades, allowing fans to experience the thrill of the national pastime virtually. Early baseball games like RBI Baseball and Baseball Stars were simple arcade-style games, but over time the genre has become incredibly realistic. Modern franchises like MLB The Show and MLB 2K simulate every aspect of the sport with stunning graphical quality and in-depth gameplay features. Players can manage a franchise, create custom players, and even simulate entire seasons. Many games include real MLB players, teams, and stadiums for an authentic experience. With deep career modes and competitive online leagues, baseball video games allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of baseball like never before. The genre continues to improve every year, finding new ways to digitally recreate the sights, sounds and feel of the ballpark.