Wild Adventure Mini Golf

Six mini TV virtual golf adventures where every hole is a new world to explore

Wild Adventure Mini GolfPlay golf right in your own living room. Turn your TV into a virtual interactive mini golf experience. Easy-to-use plug-and-play technology means you can set up and be ready to go in no time. Play mini golf underwater, deep in the jungle, and even in outer space.

Golf video games allow players to experience the tranquility and challenge of golf from the comfort of their living room. Ever since the 8-bit golf game Leader Board was released in 1980, developers have been trying to digitally recreate the nuanced gameplay of real golf. Today's golf games feature stunningly realistic graphics and physics that mimic the performance of real clubs and balls. Major franchises like EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour and the Mario Golf series allow players to swing the club using motion controls and tackle famous real-world courses like Pebble Beach. Golf games employ creative modes like online tournaments and outlandish power-ups to expand the traditional golf experience. However, the most addicting part of golf games remains the tense gameplay as you line up a pivotal putt, adjust for wind speed, and try to avoid hazards. Golf video games let armchair golfers live out their dreams of winning major tournaments, taking the prestige and pressure of professional golf and compressing it into a heart-pounding round on the console.