VTech Detective Books

Detective Books by VTech Industries

VTech Detective BooksEngaging detective themed activity book uses light-up magnifying glass to uncover clues and solve problems throughout each page of adventure. Features three friendly characters Casey Solver, Dee Tective and Sneak the Mouse, that help the child solve mysteries. Six themed adventures and five learning activities to choose from for hours of mystery solving fun.

Interactive electronic detective books are a fun way to immerse yourself in thrilling mysteries and use your own deductive reasoning skills to solve crimes. Unlike passive reading experiences, these choose-your-own-adventure style ebooks allow you to shape the story through the decisions you make. As you uncover clues, you get to decide where to explore next, who to interview, and what questions to ask. The stories feature intriguing fictional crimes for you to solve, with plot twists and multiple possible endings that respond to the choices you make. Advanced versions incorporate mini-games like searching crime scenes for clues or piecing together shredded documents. You feel like a real detective gathering evidence, following leads, and determining whodunit. The novels encourage logical thinking as you eliminate suspects and uncover the correct sequence of events. Rather than just observing, you are an active participant influencing how the mystery unfolds. For mystery lovers, few activities are as engaging as stepping into these interactive electronic books and using your own sleuthing skills to bring fictional criminals to justice.