Whacky Wacky Bop

Whacky Bop is Dodge Ball on a Stick

Whacky Wacky BopFrom the makers of Socker Boppers, Wacky Bop is dodge ball on a stick, a whacky bop game that is fun and safe. Leap and jump to miss the ball. A great party game gift. Fun sport toy for kids. Where to buy: Wal-Mart and Toys R Us (but selling fast).

The playground game of dodgeball brings out the thrill of competition, action, and mischief in all who play it. Two teams square off on opposite sides of a court with a line of rubber balls separating them. At the whistle, chaos ensues as players scramble to grab balls and launch them at opponents. The heart-pounding fun comes from dodging oncoming balls by weaving, ducking, and diving. You experience the rush of hitting your friends without inflicting pain. The game requires strategy as you try to eliminate the more athletic participants first. Teamwork is key as you make sacrifices to protect your teammates. There is satisfaction in catching a ball in midair to bring an opponent back in. The continuous throw, hit, and run action provides a workout too. While simple in concept, dodgeball delivers enduring excitement. The combination of climbing adrenaline, raucous laughter, and old-fashioned playground bonding solidifies dodgeball as a recess legend.