Wario Land

Wario Land 4

Wario LandStarring the familiar money-mad rascal. Complete a brain- and body-bending series of challenges. Defeat the guardians of a pyramid jungle. Gather heart pieces to regain health. Many minigames within the larger campaign.

Wario, Mario's crooked rival with a penchant for mischief, has become a fan favorite character to play in Nintendo games. Unlike the noble Mario, Wario is loud, brash, and driven by self-interest, making him an appealing antihero. Players enjoy his anarchic behavior and skills like shoulder barging enemies or breaking open paths with explosions. Controlling Wario feels subversive, allowing you to wreak havoc and cause chaos without consequences. His shameless greed contrasts with platforming heroes who save the day for moral reasons. Wario just wants to get rich and feed his enormous appetite! Yet he still possesses Mario's superhuman jumping ability and strength. Playing as Wario often means using these powers with reckless abandon rather than skill. The character pairs slapstick humor with over-the-top abilities, capturing the childlike urge to go wild and push boundaries. For players who want to feel unbound from rules and justice, taking control of the sinister and selfish Wario delivers that experience in an enjoyable dose of virtual misbehavior. He represents a chance to play in ways typically off-limits to traditional gaming heroes.