Water T-Ball

The Original Water T-Ball by Ohio Art

Water T-BallTime for batting practice. Get some good hits in--and get soaking wet at the same time--with the Water T-Ball set from Ohio Art. Attach the unit to your garden hose (facing away from windows), and tap one of the three plastic T-Balls into the water stream. Up it comes and it sits waiting for you to take a strike, at just the right height (after a minute's adjustment). Practice batting, catching, throwing, and all the other skills of our national pastime while getting wetter and wetter on an outdoor play day. The sturdy bat and sprayer should last quite a few seasons. Even after you've graduated to Little League, you might still want to play in the spray. Not for children under 3.

T-ball is a variant of baseball designed for young children who are just learning the game. Players hit the ball off a stationary tee instead of a pitch, allowing them to develop hitting skills at their own pace without the pressure of swinging at a moving ball. The ball is placed on an adjustable tee so batters of different heights can participate. After hitting the ball off the tee, the batter runs the bases like regular baseball. To ensure all players get to hit frequently, teams take turns batting through their full lineup each half-inning rather than having three outs. While basic, T-ball teaches fundamentals like throwing, catching, hitting, and base running in a simplified and accessible way. With no strikeouts, walks or scorekeeping, everyone gets a chance to hit and experience the fun of batting. The relaxed style helps kids gain confidence. And by learning baseball basics in T-ball, children build skills that allow an easy transition to coach-pitch, kid-pitch, and standard baseball as they grow older.