Sim City Creator

Create, enjoy, destroy with special building codes in this construction video game for Nintendo Wii

Sim City CreatorBuild homes, businesses, factories, skyscrapers, freeways, railroads in this video game for the Wii. Try different city styles, including American, European, Asian, and Future. Hire assistants and advisors with unique personalities to help you manage your town and build new neighborhoods. When you want to check out what you've built, fly over it in your plane to see all the detail of your design. If you want to give your city a little excitement, send in a giant monster to wreck it. After all, you built it. The fate of your city and your citizens is in your hands. Sim City Creator codes: name your city Mummy's Desert for an Egyptian theme; Ancient Culture for Greek; Future Picture for a sci fi city, and Become Wild for a jungle theme (although Becoming Wild is what the narrator said on Cartoon Network).

Sim City Features