Wise and Otherwise Game

Voted a Best Party Game of the Year by Games magazine

Wise and Otherwise GameVoted a Best Party Game of the Year by Games magazine, Wise and Otherwise belongs next to Pictionary and Scrabble in your arsenal of fun. This creative, interactive game revolves around 500 cards, each emblazoned with five obscure and long-forgotten sayings from around the world. For example, one old Chinese saying is, "Don't add salt to a boatload of salt fish." One side of the card states, "Don't add salt to"... and it is the job of the players to devise probable endings. "Don't add salt to salty soup," for example. Or, "Don't add salt to the open wound." (The actual endings are listed on the flip sides of the cards.) A player wins points when other players vote for his or her special ending, or when the player guesses the actual ending, so the goal is to finish the proverb as convincingly as possible given the geographic region in question. Each elegant box contains one game board, 500 cards, six writing pads, six pencils, one die, and six player pawns. People who love language, oddly hilarious translations, offbeat proverbs, or just making people look foolish by guessing their very clever answers will adore this game.

Wise and Otherwise is a board game that challenges players to complete well-known and obscure proverbs, often with hilarious results. In this game, one player reads out the beginning of a proverb and the other players are tasked with completing it. While one player knows the real ending, the others make up their own, aiming to create a plausible or amusing conclusion. Players then vote on which ending they think is the real one. The game combines wit, strategy, and a bit of bluffing, offering a unique platform for language and cultural exploration. It's a hit at gatherings, helping to break the ice and get people talking, laughing, and thinking. It taps into the universal appeal of folklore and wisdom, making it a fun and educational experience for all age groups.