XFO Vehicle from Tyco RC

Tyco RC X.F.O.

XFO Vehicle from Tyco RCThe XFO Extreme Flying Object from Tyco Radio Control is a whole new way to catch some air. With spinfins and a radical rotor, XFO is like nothing else on earth or beyond. Designed for fun and easy flying, it can soar over 50 feet into the air. How high can you go? Hover it in mid-air. Bring it in for a smooth landing. Includes a special rechargeable battery. Ages 10 and over.

Rotors are the backbone of helicopter flight, serving as the equivalent of wings in an airplane. A typical helicopter has two main sets of rotors: the main rotor on top for lift and thrust, and a smaller tail rotor to counteract the torque generated by the main rotor. The main rotor consists of two or more blades attached to a central mast, which is powered by the helicopter's engine. As the engine turns the rotor mast, the blades cut through the air, generating lift due to their aerodynamic shape and angle of attack. By adjusting the pitch angle of these blades, the pilot can control the amount of lift produced, allowing the helicopter to ascend, descend, or hover. The tail rotor works to counterbalance the spinning effect that the main rotor would otherwise impose on the helicopter's body, keeping it stable and allowing for controlled turns. Some modern helicopters use alternative systems like coaxial rotors or NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) to achieve the same effects.